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Access Match™ Accessibility Features

The Access Match™ Accessibility Features been established by Enabling Access Inc. experts following a survey conducted with a cross-disability disability group and upon consultation with the Access Match™ Advisory Committee of accessibility experts across Canada.

These features are subject to change with the release of CSA's Accessibile Housing Standard, consultation with accessible housing stakeholders, and with ongoing feedback from our site users and members.

The Access Match™ Accessibility Features presented do not represent all possible accessibility features available and should not in thier collective existance define a property as being "accessible". Instead, these individual basic features have been included as they are commonly required features of persons with disabilities and people wishing to age in place (live in place as they age). Although most features focus on physical accessibility, a general "Visual and Auditory Features" field and "Smart Home Technology" field have been included to capture some sensory and neruodiversity considerations.

Mulit-family Buildings and Single Family Housing

To ensure the accessibility feature search criteria can work for a variety of building types and styles, 2 sections have been established; Building/Site and Residence/Suite, so the public can search for suites in mulit-unit buildings as well for detatched single family homes.

Access Matchâ„¢ Features

Building and Site:

Underground Parking:

Assigned parking below grade with designated accessible parking stalls available. Includes  barrier free path to elevator. (Excludes underground parking with stair access only)

Zero Step Entraince:

Building entrance does not have any steps and door treshold height is more than 1/2 inch (13 mm). May include level or ramped approach.

Elevator to Access all Above Ground Floor:

Barrier free path to elevator from front entrance with access to all levels.

Door Opener in Public Spaces:

At minimum, the front door to the building has an automatic door opener with button or motion sensing activator. 

Security or Door Attendant:

Public access to building in controlled by use of directory panel or security personel to provide access.

Visual/Auditory Featuers


Visitable Housing

If someone is interested in searching for available properties meeting Visitable Housing design guidelines, they could choose the features "Zero-step entrance" ,"Hallway Clearance", "Doorway clearance" and "Main Floor Washroom - Open Floor Space". See the Facts About Visitable Housing Canada for more details.

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