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Residential Accessibility Features

Access Match Accessibility Features integration with MLS® 

The purpose of this project is to identify a set of residential accessibility features, which have standardized definitions and are commonly required by people with disabilities and people wishing to age in place. These features will be presented to each regional Real Estate Board across Canada to be applied to their Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) search filter criteria. Once applied, REALTORS® will be able to list properties using these features and the public will be able to search for properties with the accessibility features they require.

We will work with each Real Estate Board to access MLS®-derived data relating to properties listed or sold with any of the ACCESS MATCH Accessibility Features in effort to create a national database of properties in the accessible residential real estate market, which can help our Access Match partners better meet the accessible housing needs of seniors and people living with disabilities in Canada.  

Phase 2 - Access Match Expansion to Home Building

Working with our partners, the scope of the Access Match project will be expanded into the home builders market to identify Access Match Accessibility features in new home construction and integrate the location and features of these properties to the new database of Accessible Housing in Canada.

Phase 3 - Access Match Expansion to Rental Properties

The work completed in the first 2 phases can then be applied to the rental housing market, as some Real Estate Boards have already added rental properties to their MLS® and data from these properties could be added to the national accessible housing database with REALTORS, renters and property owners all able to list and search and match properties with the Access Match Accessibility Features.

Access Match Advisory Committee

The Access Match Advisory committee has been established to inform and guide this project and includes members of the disability community, seniors groups, accessibility specialists, government agencies, professional renovators and home builders, and other important stakeholders from across Canada:

  • Chris Roostaert -1010 Sinclair (Winnipeg)
  • Allen Mankewich - Accessible Housing Advocate (Winnipeg)
  • Catherine Schellenberg -  REALTOR® (Winnipeg)
  • Jeffrey Kerr - REALTOR® (Toronto)
  • Don Fenn - Caregiver Omnimedia (Toronto)
  • Sue Lantz- Collaborative Aging (Toronto)
  • Gary Sharp - Canadian Home Builders Association of Canada (Ottawa)
  • Jamie Shipley - Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa)

Access Match - Phase 1 Project Goals:

1. To develop a set of residential accessibility features that are commonly required by people with disabilities and seniors who are interested in aging in place;

2. To engage the participation of each Real Estate Board in Canada and provide advice with regard to the application of the Access Match accessibility features into the search filter criteria of each regionally administrated Multiple Listing Service (MLS®);

3. To produce and provide video training to each Real Estate Board in Canada for the purpose of educating all REALTORS® on the use of the Access Match accessibility features on the MLS®, identifying these features in the homes they represent, and on general disability awareness and accessibility related to residential properties;

4. To develop and maintain this website that provides public access to information and resources regarding accessible housing, home modifications, home assessments, and aging in place options in Canada. Links to will allow the public to search and find properties with accessible features on the MLS® and will help those selling properties to identify and showcase the accessibility features that their home presents. Additional links to will direct visitors to Meet a REALTOR® in their location. This site will also host the video training for REALTORS@ described in goal 3:

5. To capture quarterly data reporting from each regional MSL related to the residential properties which include any of the Access Match Accessibility Features and have been listed or sold on MLS®;

6. To share the Access Match MLS® reporting with Access Match national stakeholders for the purpose of better understanding the accessible housing stock in Canada including the prevalence of accessibility features, affordability of homes with these features, and general location these properties.  This data can help stakeholders identify gaps and plan for the future development of accessible housing to better meet the needs of Canadian seniors and people with disabilities.

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