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Access Match™ is a initiative of Enabling Access Inc, an Occupational Therapy and Accessibility Service company specializing in Home Modification Assessments. These assessments are  a preventative, functional safety screening and residential accessibility consulting service focused on supporting older adults and people living with disabilities to safely live in place as they age.

If you are worried about your older adult loved ones or are in search of a home modification assessment to ensure the safety and accessibility of anyone,  anywhere in Canada, we can help!! We offer virtual and in-person Home Modification Assessments.

This service is customized for each client and can include cognitive, mobility, and mental health screenings, along with the residential safety and accessibility assessment. The comprehensive report outlines identified fall,  safety, and social isolation risks, barriers to current and future accessibility and includes recommendations for assistive devices, home health care service, community support services, and cost-effective home modifications. 

This assessment service is NOT a safety checklist. As regulated health care professionals, our occupational therapists are uniquely trained to identify safety risk factors, barriers to access, and make recommendations to increase functional performance. Equipped with knowledge about disability and age-related changes, our occupational therapists are able to determine cost-effective solutions that can allow you or your family member to age in place, safely and stay connected to their community.

A Home Modification Assessment conducted by our qualified occupational therapists can:

  • Assess a person, their activities and the environment 
  • Identify a person's risk of falling 
  • Identify current and future accessibility barriers
  • Assist in planning for hospital discharge following injury, disability accommodation, and aging in place
  • Educate a person, family, and caregivers in safe methods for bathing, toileting and other activities of daily living
  • Identify capability and use of environmental controls including Smart Home features
  • Recommend caregiving services, meal preparation and delivery services, yard care services and more
  • Recommend mobility aids and assistive devices to increase independence and safety
  • Recommend home modifications including structural changes to bathrooms, entrances, and additions.
  • Assist a family in determining if they should modify or move.

The assessment recommendations may include home security, support services, home management services, accessibility equipment, and customized home modifications. The comprehensive report and consultation can help you or your family member with the decision to Modify or Move!

Our skilled occupational therapists collaborate with residents, family, health providers, home renovation companies, designers, and home health care product vendors to create safe and accessible living environments that you wouldn’t necessarily know were designed for need, and without sacrificing beautiful esthetic design.

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